Sitting in front of my desk thinking I wasn’t going to be making the 100 mark, well I guess I am! After reviewing my sheet and counting down the hours but also realizing I stay an extra hr at work finalizing work and assisting my supervisor that I would be willing to make the 100 mark. Even though this is a 9-5 job I stay an extra hr reviewing and finalizing any little detail that I know that needs to be tweaked the next day.

This morning I was able to speak to my supervisor about the grading sheet, but I wanted to know first hand if I was doing good job or a bad job. Lets just say I’m fantastic! I was glad to hear that I am doing a good job, Since my internship is to end around september I am able to extended it 3 more months from what she has told me.  My supervisor was explaining that I can stay here for a whole year If I wanted to, my plan is to stay at least a whole year. I was told that it is a great way to network and know everyone individually but also be able to get a job when the opportunity hits.

After the personal talk she showed me the presentation that the creative director made for the higher ups ( basically the owner of the company).  My supervisor is wanting me to showcase the work I’ve done so far for fullbeauty, she says that many of the interns she had didn’t get that far with having concepts being used to be executed in a full blown presentation. Today has been nothing but good news and I’m here stressing out.



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