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Working at Fullbeauty under roaman’s has been an eye opening experience, from the minimal supervision to the ability to interact as one of the colleagues here, I was able to speak with my supervisor towards the grading sheet, she had a sense of humor to the point that she smirked and said “jen you have failed.” All jokes aside she said that she differentiates herself from all the other employees from fullbeauty because she wants to educate the intern as if they are actually doing real work that will be printed rather than have them do work that the others don’t want to do, we both agreed that when individuals do that they aren’t teaching their interns as much but be second rather than first.

Over the course of time that I have been here ‘I’ve felt as one of the team, I feel like I say this a lot.. But I do, there are times that it feels a bit lonely but certain things happen and then I start to appreciate being here even more. Being able to work on certain projects but as well interact with different individuals makes my day go by even more smoothly. The current project that I am working on is the design of the gift cards, even though my supervisor wasn’t in I was able to communicate with her via text and have her guide me to the proper file locations to start creating the designs of the gift cards. At the end of the day I was able to get various design concepts completed to allow variety and also to showcase that I was able to accomplish tasks with little supervision.



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