Email Blasts.

Working on the email blasts, was an amazing experience why because I was working with a template. But the difference was that I added a certain detail that they all added towards all their designs. That box, that box is supposed to give the designs a fashionable flair but also a cohesive adjustable design that they can use online and off. They believe that this box would be the answer to all of their problems, which are contents that are too long for circular or odd shaped designs.

When I approached the designers at the meeting with a design that the art director and I have come up with, they were happy to see that there was something different and unique that they didn’t have in their current templates.  When the meeting was to be over they had another project that they needed to be accomplished, the creative director thought that it would be a good idea to assign me to a project that would be soon due and shown to the higher ups.



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