Working with a template kinda becomes an issue because everything is already set for you, not much room for creativity.

I appreciate that I don’t have to break my head open to create something new, and hope to god that it gets accepted but it would be nice. When you are working with a big company especially one that deals with clients that have been with you for years you have to think about it very carefully if its worth it to create something outside of their element.

They have various meetings on the re-designing of the site and also of the email blasts that they are to send out. The templates make it easier for everyone to go in and make the changes as well as to add new contents to an existing layout. My job has been recently doing research but also making old designs into greyscale templates for a big meeting for the higher ups.

Lately its been a bit slow but I love what I do I make sure to show a positive face when I’m bored or if I have completed a project way to fast. Even though the projects have been minimal they have taught me to be more observant and that even if I have completed the task to look it over simultaneously.



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