Before I got accepted to the internship at fullbeauty I had a one on one interview with the art director Karen, she had a positive glow if you want to say that, she was very cheery and really wanted to know if I understood what fullbeauty was about. It took me various online applications and reviews to get to fullbeauty, when I was searching I wasn’t searching for where I would work but more how I would contribute in a company that has so much but also wants to make a difference. When I look for work or an internship I never look at brand names I always go straight to the companies mission statement and see if I would be a fit with it and everyone involved.

The in-person interview it was a bit of a wreck for me since I had little sleep and was working the day before, I made sure that on that day I stood out and made myself feel as if I was going in for a job rather than an internship. While waiting in this big vast white lobby I began to see various individuals walking by making me a bit uncomfortable, all these men and women were fashionable while I was different not into fashion; Reminded me of devil wears prada and I was Andrea Sachs someone who didn’t know much of fashion but needed a step forward into the real world to get her writing career going.  

While I waited I began to look at my phone, but also tried not look too much into it. After 5 mins, yes 5 minutes karen came by and shook my hand, I gave her a firm handshake to show that I wasn’t there to play but for work and that I was serious about this interview. We came into an empty room, the halls were so vast and you can get lost so easily if you were just visiting, the empty room was white, small but cozy, I grabbed a seat. Karen began to explain the sole purpose of fullbeauty I smiled and listened carefully for small words I watched her body posture to see if she was ok with my answers, I made sure that I showed that I was actively listening to her and made my sentences close to what she has explained to me but summarized. At the end of the interview she asked if I had anything to show luckily I created a brochure of 6 of my best work with my information and logo, she was astonished and I had a proud moment.

Some of the questions during that interview that were asked were my skill sets and my availability. She wanted to know how I work and how I work with others and I explained to her that I used to art direct and that also when working with a group I usually take the lead she liked that I take initiative but also I take control of certain situations. It took at least a week or so for the company to get in touch with me and to tell me that they have accepted me, I was hesitant to take the job because hello its fashion what the hell do I know, but also I took it immediately because I couldn’t wait any longer for anyone else to respond back to me. I always say if a company takes too long get back to you it shows that their system is broken, that their work habits are not to par and I don’t want to be in that situation.

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” – Seth Godin

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