Devil wears prada…v2

If you’ve seen the movie, you would think working in fashion is exactly the same, tight deadlines and print mishaps. Well in the position I’m in I don’t have to worry towards those bugs. Since I am working on web content and email blasts things are simple, and everything is based off a template that the art director has given to everyone.

Some of the work that I’ve done deal with the web since I am the creative web intern, I am still doing graphic design work, but its mostly for the web. My supervisor is a kind person, she guides me thru the steps that deal with trying to complete a project. I was expecting a devil wears prada environment, everyone all dressed up, but I was lucky enough that they aren’t very demanding on what you wear. The people that work here already have a close relationship that at time when someone new comes on board they get kinda  drake* ( no new friends)  but they make the effort and I understand where they are coming from I’m the same way. New people means learning new things about them, plus I’m an intern I’m here only for a short while. But I will make the effort to show that I am part of the team even if  Im an intern.  

I keep referencing devil wears prada because I’m working in fashion something I would never be working at, yet here I am learning.

One thought on “Devil wears prada…v2”

  1. I think the Devil Wears Prada reference is great. One of my favorite movies. The irony of you being there can also be a sign – as I would like to look at things – as I am always optimistic.

    But keep up the good work!

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