personal experience

A personal experience that I had with reading and writing would have to be regarding my little 9 year old sister. In the growing process of my sister is has been fairly hard for her to comprehend certain aspects of school and that’s where I came in, My sister would have trouble reading and understanding the topics in school and also her homework so I would sit with her and go through it one by one making sure she could fully understand what I was saying and shortly after she was doing it on her own. I soon found out that it was the way I was teaching her and she found it more interesting and comfortable because after all I am her brother. After a few weeks of us going over how to pronounce certain words and  also how to complete sentences, she had it down and was finishing everything on her own. I had also made an appearance in her school to have a talk with one of her teachers to find out that my sister was doing perfectly fine but the teacher was the one doing her job as if it didn’t matter to her. She(the teacher) had been giving out worksheets and expecting the students to complete it at home without any knowledge of what they were expected to complete. The teacher was eventually fired and replaced and I would make sure that my sister understood by asking her questions based on what she as reading, the problem never occurred again.