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The topic of my research paper is important because it can help many high school basketball players financially. This will also help the fans of the sport basketball as they could have more entertainment to watch. Now the reason why I chose this topic is because I am a fan of the sport of basketball. I chose the 2 audiences in NBA fans and NCAA and NBA commission as if everybody can come to an agreement the change can happen in having high school players to have the right to go straight to the NBA. This research and audience assessment will be done in a letter form.


Dear NBA fans 


There is a big problem that NBA fans do not know of when it comes to its community. Players and prospects and highly recruited 5-star high school athletes don’t have their own right to join the NBA instantly. Instead, they have to go play basketball in the NCAA for a year or play a year of professional basketball in the G League (development league for players) or play professional basketball overseas in countries like Spain, Greece, China, etc. Although it is banned for a high school player to go straight to the NBA right now, that can change. Throughout history, there have been 45 players to go straight to the NBA after college. This rule was created at the start of the 2006-2007 NBA season. Players were coming in at the age of 18 at that time, and the NBA felt like that was too young so they made the rule. Us, fans should try to do something about this. If we can bring up the discussion on social media posts, the NBA would for sure look  into a change for sure. The rule is absurd to me because if you are talented enough you shouldn’t waste a year of your career. Now when it comes to the NCAA, that is the biggest reason why this rule is bad. The NCAA and the universities are generating thousands to millions from these players as they earn not a single penny from it. Players and stars like RJ Barrett are highly recognized by fans all over the world but when fans pay for merchandise like jerseys etc they don’t make anything off it. This is a devastating blow for the players because, in the NBA, you make money off that. The NCAA is selfish when it comes to the players. For example, Basketball players are much wealthier if they hadn’t gone to college for a year. When you’re in college you don’t get paid off your name the team gets paid off you. Your jerseys and tickets sales all go to the college and NCAA. If basketball players went straight pro they would have had a guaranteed NBA contract worth millions. NCAA also bans students from getting sponsorships and endorsement deals.In some other cases, NCAA athletes also are banned from signing agents. There are some Basketball players who need financial support immediately and going to college to play for a year denies them a chance of getting millions of dollars of support. An example would be LeBron James he had an option in 2003 to go pro or play in the NCAA and he decided to go pro and with that he signed a 90 million dollar Nike endorsement deal which automatically had him set for life pretty much at the age of 18, now imagine he went to college instead and he suffered a catastrophic injury that could end his career, that would have cost him close to 100 million dollars.


Dear NBA and NCAA commissions


NBA and NCAA commissions, High School basketball prospects should have their own right as an 18 year old grown man to decide whether or not he wants to go play in the NBA or develop in NCAA basketball or play overseas. What you guys, the NCAA commission is doing is absurd to me and with the NBA banning high school prospects to come straight to the NBA, you the NBA commission are hurting the future of your own stars who can potentially build your brand. What the NCAA is doing is unacceptable to me for their basketball athletes. The NCAA consumes over one billion dollars and you do not pay your student athletes a single penny. Banning players from agents and endorsement deals, players will have a hard time earning money. What the NCAA should start doing is start paying these players because at the end of the day the players are the reasons why fans come to the games to watch. Now this has a significant impact on high school prospects for many reasons. For example a high school player could be one of the best in the world in his age group, but can be financially struggling with his family, imagine he suffers a catastrophic injury playing in college. That could likely end the players hopes and dreams to play in the NBA and make millions of dollars with team contracts and personal endorsement deals. Earlier this year Zion Williamson, an already global icon almost ended his basketball career playing in the NCAA, trying to build his brand. This could have caused him millions of dollars and a once in a lifetime chance to go to the NBA. Now imagine if he went straight to the NBA he would be dominating the league and making millions of dollars. Now I understand why the NCAA won’t allow players to make money off jersey sales etc, and that’s because they need money for schools. But why not let these college athletes get their own endorsement deals from the likes of Nike and Adidas. College basketball players should be allowed to have their own endorsements and sign their own agents. Now when it comes to the NBA, wouldn’t these high school prospects generate more attention and views for your ratings. A perfect example for this is LeBron James. Back in 2003 when you had the right to go straight to the NBA after high school, LeBron went straight to the NBA and signed a 90 million dollar endorsement deal, imagine had he went to college because it was a rule and got injured. If you allow these high school prospects to go straight to your league it’s a win win for everyone. The fans will be more interested and that will generate more money and views and the players will develop much quicker and be better, as the players will go up against far superior competition. The best options for all sides would be for high school basketball  players to have the option of playing in college while getting paid for it, or having the option to ultimately go straight to the NBA. Now the NBA and NCAA commissions, please let this happen as it will benefit the most for your current and future prospects and basketball players.




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