Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

Project #3 Draft

Credits: Ken Mei


  1. Jocelyn Nacimba

    So far your draft looks good and I can assume it was written by you. You are giving a brief introduction to the topic and explaining the applications of the equations to your topic. I also see that you added images and are going to add an example which I think it is awesome because the audience will get an additional understanding of your topic. What I suggest is to maybe add some statistics showing how population growth has become a problem with leading to overpopulation and starvation and malnutrition.

  2. kevin

    Good work, I feel like you wrote this yourself. I think you have a really good start, but missing a few thinks. I feel like a real world example with the equation being used would benefit the slides a lot. I feel like we will get a better understanding. If you show the step by steps, we will see how to use the equation and it would be easy to understand since its will be an example of a really world problem. I like how you do explain each part of the equation. This makes me know what variable means what. I think adding the real world situation and probably some more pictures and descriptions with the pictures would be great. It would help the readers have a good understand and see what your trying to show us better. I think this is a 2 on the rubric right now. If you add a few more things, I see easily a 3.

  3. Atta Tariq

    A recommendation I’d like to make is to add additional information and show some statics graphs or if any other relatable equation to it. I believe it was created by you, so maybe add more to be more detailed.

  4. John Villalona

    Hey Ken the slides and the report is looking good. Also the colors you used for each slides look amazing. And i think you personally wrote and you give good details . I was wondering and thinking you try to add details what countries who not third world ones or not poor countries try to do to increase food production since in those countries the population is growing exponentially . Also i think you add a example problem.

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