Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

Project #3 Draft

Oscar Opemipo Nirvana


  1. Javier Garcia

    Everything is great and amazing, good job. The only thing I would recommend is to change the format and the outlook. Looks like the font is not consistent and things aren’t in the right locations of of the file. The picture is pixilated but a new better one would be great.

  2. Javier Garcia

    To follow up on my last comment, option b is what you picked and you did not use an AI bot.

  3. Atta Tariq

    I think you did an excellent job overall, considering the a little blurred pics you picked. I believe you wrote everything on your own with the help of reliable sources and videos. 

  4. Ameer Shadick

    I think this is very well organized, but you should go more in depth in the four forces used in weather forecasting, and the formulas to find them. Then show how Newton’s law of motion formula uses these formulas to tie in weather prediction. But the use of photos and different color coordination is awesome.

  5. Maharin Khondoker

    I like the topic you guys choose. I think you should work more on the format, and I guess you guys can put more information overall, which is good.

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