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ENG2201 AmericanLiterature II, Spring 2019

ENG2201 AmericanLiterature II, Spring 2019

This course explores the history and literature of the United States starting from the end of the Civil War till the present day. Students will read a mix of genres and a number of classic tales, focusing not just on aesthetics but on the history embedded in these texts. We will cover a variety of issues relating—but not limited to—religion, class, gender, race, politics, human rights, and the history of publishing and authorship. All told, we will try to come to terms with the ethical, social, and aesthetic problems that our readings raise to both better understand our past and present.

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Seekers Christian Fellowship

Seekers Christian Fellowship

We are a non-denominational Christian fellowship of campus students,faculty and/or staff. Our aim is to help fellow students meet their spiritual needs in Christ through prayer, worship and bible studies. Encouraging each one to seek their own personal relationship with God, guiding and teaching also on the importance of the Bible through faith and fellowship.Open to anyone who has questions and/or wants to know more about God. For Freely we have received grace, and freely we wish to give it as well.

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