Due Monday, April 24

Grampa simpson bursting through the door saying, "I got the answer!"


Step 1

Choose one of the questions from Test #2 that you did not receive full credit for and re-solve the problem. Submit your complete solution (a photo of your written work or typed using LaTeX) as an OpenLab post with title Test #2 Solutions and the type of equation you are solving and with category Test #2 Solutions.

There were different versions of the test with similar questions. Try to choose a problem whose solution a classmate has not already posted.

Step 2

As part of your OpenLab post, write the story of your solution. That is, pretend you got stuck on the first step. Then write a step-by-step instruction manual for how to complete the solution, without actually doing any of the calculations.

Step 3

Read your classmates’ solutions and find one for another question on your version of Test #2. Submit a comment on their post describing how you approached that question similarly or differently or any questions or suggestions you have.