Ralph asking Lisa, "Want a hint?" and Lisa angrily pushing him away saying, "I don't need a hint, Ralph."

In student office hours today, we noticed some details about a few WeBWorK questions.

  1. If you are entering your answer as a decimal and WeBWorK is not accepting it, try entering more decimal places.
  2. In the set Introduction-Basic Concepts, Problem 1 has you read from a graph. Your graph should have a few points where both the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate are integers; these will be helpful to use in your calculations. It is possible that your graph will look like it’s going through one of these integer nice points, but doesn’t actually go through it so if you use one for your calculation, it’ll be off. If WeBWorK is not accepting your answer, look on your graph for another one of these nice points and try using that one for your calculation instead.
  3. If you want more Calculus II review problems to make sure you’re ready to integrate for this class, you can always try some of the MAT 1575 WeBWorK problems here. Don’t enter any login info, just click “Guest Login” at the bottom. None of your work will be saved but completing these problems is good practice.
  4. If you need to review Calculus II content, you can see the video lessons on the MAT 1575 course hub here.