Deven G- NYt Article


In this weeks New York Times article, ‘Star Wars fever extends to an Ancient Irish Island’, talks about the ‘Star Wars’ production and their reputation expansion throughout an Ancient Irish Island called PortMagee. A man and a group of people appeared in this island, and villagers from there recognized the man as Mark Hamill, forever famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the original “Star Wars” film trilogy. He and a battalion of Hollywood directors, cameramen and crew launched a space invasion, of sorts, on Portmagee last summer and the summer of 2014 — filling bed-and-breakfasts to the brim, turning sheep pastures into helipads and hiring fishing boats to ferry props to Skellig Michael. The production has not released information, but there’s a chance that this Ancient location will be revealed in the new Star Wars movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” on the 18th of December.

I find this very amusing. Star Wars is one of my favorite compilation of movies and it’s interesting to know that the production team invests in traveling to these rare locations for scenes. This will bring international awareness of the Ancient Island of Portmagee which can likely attract tourist from all over the world.


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