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Want to Visit South Africa? How to Survive a Long Flight

By Justin Sablich

This article was very interesting to read; it is about how to get as much enjoyment out of a long, direct flight. I myself have not travel on an extended flight such as one to Africa but I found the tips very useful for not only a long flight but short one also.  Mr. Sablich went to Africa, which took 16 hours, to visit the family of his now wife. After 16 hours, you’ll either like traveling or hate it; he stated.

For traveling such a lengthy aeronautical trip, he supplies us with some helpful surviving skills and suggestions. Most people would pay for an upgrade to First Class for comfortability but it isn’t necessary for prolonged trips because most are equipped with slightly more legroom and added goodies;  paying extra if can’t afford it, may be a waste.  According to Patrick Smith, a pilot who is also the author of “Cockpit Confidential: Everything You Need to Know About Air Travel.” Seatguru.com helps you discover comfortable seating.

Most airlines don’t give you freebies until asked. It is their version of “Don’t Ask, Won’t Give.”   Routehappy.com is very helpful for finding out about your flights amenities. The goodies, also known as amenities will help you but not as much.  As an educated consumer, packing your goodies in your carry-on bag; it’s essential.  It should include, but not exclusive to, bringing in water, sweater or hoodie and some of your favorite snacks.  Flight Attendant Kara Mulder, who has a blog, suggest to bring in food you can tolerate because “your body will response differently to food when at altitude.  Something I never knew.  Granola bars and dry oatmeal is highly recommended.

This article is inspiring me to travel, not 16 hours but if I know what to pack and how to entertain myself, it would be worth it. I am now aware of two useful websites.  To save money  as long as you plan ahead the trip should make you feel at ease, free from anxiety.  The article was very informative and it should serve as an insightful guide before travel, either short or long journeys.

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