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Christine Delva
October 27, 2015
Professor Duchamp
New York Times Memo
Re: In Panama City, A Restaurant that lives Up to its Name – October 13th, 2015

People often use food as a means of retaining their cultural identity. Different cuisines are connected to different cultures. There are many places I want to travel and eager to taste the cultural specialize dish. In the article,, the famous Chef Carlos Alba who goes by the name Chomolin made some changes to some traditional Panamian, San Francisco products and dishes by flavors that complete it now. There was beautiful garden ranch style house in Panama City. It was empty for over 30 years, about 50 years later it was cow pastures. It was clean out few mango trees then out of no where. Things appeared naturally such Papayas plants, culatro, and chilies. Mr. Alba and staff added various of herbs within a year the garden cacaco tree. He prayed mist of garden will produce all their needs. All the interior of restaurant is a mix styles was replace. Alba love going to grand restaurant for Col-caleron but that dish he loved to eat at home. The food was so good from originals plus the new flavor Alba will have the scent lingering on your finger tips. The secret in cooking a dish there is always room for it to have a better taste with different and natural ingredients. I was always thought food is priceless so never neglected or treat if they hungry. If most of us knew the valued food is, the merrier world be.

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