Christine NYT assignment #3

Christine Delva

HMGT 1101

October 13th, 2015


Re: Inside the vibrant New Rooms of Paris Hotel Montana,  September 28th, 2015


Paris is a place I have to visit with a passion. I love every aspect of it which made eager even more to visit this beautiful place. La Montana was popular Parisian jazz in the 1950s. The hotel Montana suits are inspired by arts from different person or era. One of the room in the hotel was designed as the Blanc Graffiti is themed around “Jean Cocteau”, that is his ideal designer name Vincent Darre. The suite of Blue acide is the homage to Braque and Picasso that is the hotel façade artiest. The room that took my heart was Gris Pans, Mirror D’argent with a private terrace and street level bars which its serve cocktails starting 6pm. All the bathrooms are uniform, slick black titling but the downfall no windows. Throughout the hotels always have the decoration, so visiting this hotel and get an insight of each room would amaze? It gives you the aspects and actually feeling that you were in era. So it safe to safe to say everyone who visits this hotel has a little rock and roll deep down in their soul.


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