Christine Chaper 1 Summary

Christine Delva


September 28th, 2015

Chapter 1 Summary



Hospitality is a friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. The concept of hospitality began centuries ago throughout the world providing care or shelter for people who is traveling. The hospitality and tourism are largest fast pace business that is thriving in the industry and best field to join in today world. Many examples of exist people graduated and has been offered wonderful opportunity that allowed them to gain a good foundation of knowledge and experience to make a difference in this industry. Hospitality is a 24/7 (365) business running through the year so you couldn’t believe the opportunity and grew an individual can have in this industry. There is other business that running and making their business as phenomenal as they can. The one thing they wouldn’t have is the gift of lifetime happiness and the unstoppable passion for striving. Corporate philosophy embraces all their aspects such as their values of organizations, moral, fairness and etc. The goal of doing whatever it takes to make the satisfaction to their customers is the key to success.

Key Words Definition

1). Corporate Philosophy- the core beliefs that drive a company’s basic organizational structure. Example: Nike philosophy “Just Do It” helped the company become a worldwide phenomenon after it was first introduced in 1988, and it’s stood the test of time almost 30 years later. The phrase was actually inspired by the final words of a criminal who demanded the death penalty after committing two murders in 1976.

2). Empowerment- the act of giving employees the authority tools, and information they need to their jobs with the greater authority. Example: Marie arrive late for her check-in time, and all rooms where sold out. The front desk manager gives their sincere apology and was willing to accommodate the customer by paying for their stay at another hotel with transportation as well.

3). Front of the House- comprises all area with which quest come in contact including the lobby, corridors, elevators, guest room, restaurant, bars, meeting rooms and restrooms. Also refers to the employees who staff these areas. Example: The lobby attendant/doorman greets by opening and closing doors for every customer as they enter or leave the hotel.

4). Goal- the specific result to be achieved, the end result of a plan. Example: The key to running a good hotel is making sure objective of participating as a team to fulfill the guest’s needs is your number one priority.

5) Guest Satisfaction- the desired outcome of hospitality services. Example: Lindsay made a complain to the manager of way her room was clean, she found dirty sheets in closet then the manager arranged for her to have a new room for her with discount rate.

6). Heart of the House- the back of the house (hotel). Example: The kitchen is where the magic is created with all the pleasant food, deserts and appetizers are made to please the customers.

7). Hospitality- the cordial and generous reception of guest. B) A wide range of business each of which is dedicated to the service of people away from home. Example: At the Dorchester Hotel, they welcome customer with a small fruit basket and your towel made into a turtle representing how happiness to have you at their hotel.

8). Inseparability- the interdependence of hospitality services offered. Example: A doctor to offer the services the patient must take part and be prepared to be treated. Patient should be there when the surgery is taking place, but the doctor can’t offer his services if there is no patient.

9). Intangible- something that cannot be touch. Example: Guest is not allowed to take the television or refrigerator as they are signing out.

10). National Restaurant Association (NRA) – the association representing restaurant owners and the restaurant industry. Example: The General Manager for a request to the staff workers today is our hotel anniversary. We are going to go out with a bang with activates for children and spa for the adults. So they can remember our hotel and always want to come back.

11). Perishability-the limited lifetime of hospitality products. Example: Delta Airlines can only sell seats on an airplane prior to departure. The service is only available for that definite time period. An empty seat on a plane never can’t utilize or charged after departure. Once the plane has left, unsold seats lose their value.

12). Total Quality Management (TQM)- all managerial approach that integrates all the functions and related processes of a business such that they are all aimed at maximizing guest satisfaction through ongoing improvement. Example: My aunt brought Ginero Funeral Home enormous business throughout her life before she passed away. When she died the funeral home, gave my family a huge discount to show their graduated for all the business she provided them.

13). Tourism- travel for recreation or the promotion and arrangement of such travel. Example: My Uncle travels through the countries because he is an engineer. He is able to learn new languages and try different kind of food

14). Sustainability- the ability to achieve continuing economic prosperity while protecting the natural resource of planet and providing a high quality of life for its people and future generation. Example: Every year, the Stena Metall Group handles around 5 million tons of waste. We recycle and process society’s wastes into a resource in the form of new raw materials. Our recycling eliminates 8.7 million tons of CO2 emissions every year, equivalent to 1.3 million flights around the world. Thanks for helping us

15). Return on Investment- an important financial measure that determines how well management use business assets to product profit. It measure the efficiency with which financial resource available to a company are employed by management. Example: Tania trip to Puerto Rico was about $1,000 including hotel and flight, well taking care of and treated despite she had to fly by herself without her family.

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