Zhigang Gao [Gina]

Zhigang Gao [Gina]

HMGT 1101 –Perspectives in Hospitality Management

September 7th, 2015

My name is Gina, I born in Wuhan City which have a lot famous scenic sports in China. For example, Three Gorges Dan and Yangtze River.

When I was little I could see different tour guide very often, they wore nice uniform with name plate on it, held guide flag as a symbol, they use speaker to describe the history to the tourism and show them around of Wuhan City. The tour guides so confidence, also beautiful for wore huge knowledge, people behind them listen very careful with respect. Afterward I start having a dream to be a tour guide when I grow up.

After I graduated from high school, I was so lucky been accepted by Hubei University which is well-known of their travel management. I was so exciting learn everything about travel. At the first year as a freshman, I passed the country wide tour guide exam and got my tour guide license. With this license I could able to find a part time job in a travel agency company while I study in Hubei University. My job gave me so much practice, very useful for my major course. I was really enjoy the four years’ experience. I was working hard, study hard. I also play hard with my salary. I like try different food. When summer break I used to travel to different country, talk with native people, I had so much fun. I graduated from Hubei University in 2010, that day all our classmates got together celebrate, for we would start our real career.

Same year we start sending resume to our dream company. I am lucky enough hired by the biggest travel agency company named China International Travel Agency Company. This company in capital Beijing. They have 150 tour guides, so many brilliant people among them, I tried my best to be more professional and learn from other tour guide. I liked to listen to everyone in our company when they talk to me, always modest to them, so in the company I only have friends no enemy. After I worked there for years, our boss raised my position from a tour guide to a manager of customer service department. She commented me had patient to solve all the problem, I had 6 years tour guide experience, I knew tourist well. The most important personal strengths I have is always honest and thinking on people’s side, understand them well.

New position means more income, I use the money to travel around Korea, Vietnam and United States. I enjoyed the food, before I go, I always do research, list all the restaurant or sightseeing I have to go. Then post my experience and picture on blog and Facebook. I was so happy my experience can help my tourist and my friends or other audience.

I traveled so many Cities, finally I decided stay in New York, the life style here so freedom, 180 different countries immigrations live there, means I can try 180 different food here which make me so exciting. Now I study in New York City of Technology College, my major is hospitality management similar as travel management. Travel and food is my favorite thing, it will give me more passion to study my major. Also offer me more experience, make my study more vivid.



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