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Cutting hour 04/21/2024

There be new CP’s coming for the program. So the leaders are cutting people hours to make sure that the new CP have time to for trainings . Whichever they get, and teaching them how to use the fryers, how that line works. Alone more thing portion size on the food, because the learder weight the food. And tell you put to much on the rice, beans, protein. The leaders wanted to make sure that it enough time for the training. And for them to be able to make sure the new CP can work on their own.

The training can help and make cps understand what to do. But also have the confidence to do it on their own.

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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    I am sure the reinforcemen of the training will happen over and over again. It is good to spot check the longer term workers while training the new cast members.

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