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Week 11: Closing Mobile Bar

Epcot: Germany

I have experience working at the Boneyard Bar inside, Dinoland. This job has provided me with the opportunity to manage alcohol with guests while adhering to Disney policies. I have learned how Disney manages animal safety with beer cans and ensures that minors are not carrying around alcoholic beverages provided by cast members accidentally or through parent purchases. At this mobile bar, we only provide clear cups, one measuring 16 oz and the other 12 oz, which are given to guests only with the purchase of alcoholic beverages. The cart does not provide anything else besides bottled sodas, bottled water, and bagged chips for kids to enjoy. When it comes to closing the cart, the first thing we do is put away the display area of drinks to ensure guests stop ordering from what they can no longer see. Then, the GT (person in charge of the money) takes the money from the register and ensures it is empty, closing the cart from further purchases. Next, the closer empties the small ice machine and cleans it with Oasis, drying it out completely. They also put all the cups, straws, wypalls, and Dixie napkins in a bin to take back to the restaurant. Additionally, they ensure the cooler has chips inside, making it quicker to take everything away in one trip. We have to take the little moveable drink cooler backstage and melt the ice, counting the leftover drinks for the day and marking inventory. After that, we restock the cooler with a certain amount of drinks, pack it with ice, and lock the mobile cart. Finally, we get walked by the coordinators, who ensure that inventory makes sense and that we bring all the supplies down to the restaurant, leaving nothing in the stand.

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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    I learned in this post that there are many unique situations that need to be considered at Animal Kingdom. I suspect the lessons will provide you valuable ideas for standard operating procedures.

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