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Week 10 – Connection

I went to my first Career Connection this week. It was Designing with Disney Experiences Tech & Digital Core Products focusing on the career insights of Payton Lynch and Allison. Payton is the Lead Product Manager while Allison a Product Manager who was also in my seat as a College Program participant years ago. They shared their journey in the company since their College Program to present. It was presented in a time line outline as they’ve explored multiple roles in the company. Allison and Payton are responsible for the virtual queue and those features that we use on the My Disney Experience app. Payton was also involved with the development of the digital room key and shared her experience about the testing process. I then shared my experience of gust being upset at me when the room key doesn’t work to open the door. It was interesting to learn about these products and to be in the same room with the person who had a huge contribution to the app and features I have to assist guest with daily. 

This event wasn’t just a career insight but also a networking opportunity. I left the event with the Lead Product Manager’s email who connected me to the Resort Technology team who she once worked with.  I learned a lot in this session and was exposed to two new roles on the Resort Technology team which I’m thinking about doing after graduation.

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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    NETWORKING! Finding situations in which you learn and utilize communication skills to build your network is vital in the workplace. Keep it up.

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