For this week, I was finally assigned to work in Frontierland in the Churro & Pretzel Cart and at Westward Ho as both the register and a filler. I was able to gain access to the register and learn the POS system that Disney uses for their operations. Thankfully I had an experience when it comes to using it, so it didn’t take long for me to adjust other than using the several payment methods such as the Magic Band, Snack/Meal Plan, Gift cards and etc. It was a normal routine, with the guest interactions. I have to say that it does feel a little overwhelming the longer the hours go by of doing the repeated task. But overall, it’s a great job and I feel like this getting this experience will be beneficial for me in the long run because then it wouldn’t be my first time dealing with this experience. I was able to attend the “Endless Possibilities” showcase which is a networking event that shows the job opportunities that Disney offers. One thing that caught my interest the most is the Disney Culinary. Which might be my next plan after getting my bachelor degree is to go back and to the Culinary Program.