Closing both Adventure and Frontierland Stalls, getting the hang of the being on the Outdoor Vendor, understanding most of its operations and the assignments that are performed within the roles. Being able to handle a huge line of guests. Assisting my fellow Cast Member who had their first day working in Frontierland. It was a challenge to deal with huge line, but I made sure to create a steady pace to help them adjust to the work environment. We were able to get through the day without any problems. I realize the importance of having a healthy work environment. Despite the job being tiring and stressful which is normal, it is something that I wish would not end as soon as possible but could be something worth looking forward to. With the coordinators having our backs and helping us whenever necessary working with us on closings, motivating us creating an “inclusion” environment which sets us up for success. Occasionally, they would get a permission from the leaders to get us a treat at the end of the shift which would normally not be allowed. Another thing great about this job is interacting with different guests, where I met a fellow Patrick who was celebrating his birthday in Magic Kingdom, so me and my fellow Cast member decided to create a magical moment by giving his simple order with free of charge. There was also this one guest who gave me an appreciation card. I never expected to get one and I didn’t know it existed, but it definitely made my shift a lot more enjoyable.