This week at Deluxe Burger I have experienced a very demanding customer that became very rowdy and unable to please unfortunately. I have experienced customers not having their service meet the expectations set by the Walt Disney Company and have made their complaints very known and heard but this is the first time I have met someone that I just couldn’t please with my service and that may have their expectations too high. I greeted the customers as I usually do and they greet me back I take their orders and send it to the kitchen they order 5 burgers with 3 large fries and the burgers have very specific special instruction that they want no tomatoes and no pickles just for an example and normally that would be alright but that day we were very packed and busy so it was hard enough for the culinary team to be able to keep up with the amount of orders we had been receiving. The orders hit the kitchen and are being made as fast as the cooks can get it out not even 15 minutes pass and the customer is already at the expo counter and started asking where their food was so my co-workers politely tell her that it will be done soon 15 more minutes tops they tell them so they are calmer after that they return to their seat and wait a little longer and by a little longer I mean only 10 of those minutes fortunately when they arrived their food was ready and was handed to her. Time passes and it seems like its over but they returned once again and comes back with half eaten burgers demanding a refund claiming that the burgers were not cooked enough and they had to remove all of the things they asked for to be removed by the time this happened I was on Ranch Hand which is our name for waiters so I grabbed her tray and started inspecting the food but I still didn’t know what to do so I called my Coordinator and asked her what to do she ended up coming out with me and we talked to the customer and explained that we couldn’t refund their order because they did in fact eat most of the meal but we could offer to cook it again. They did not want to order again and put the blame on me and told my coordinator that I was a lazy worker and that I did not listen to her order and then left the establishment my coordinator asked me to reprint her order and when she saw the ticket she understood there and then that I did my best to accommodate their order and told me that I was going to face these type of customers all the time but that I handled it well and did the right thing in getting her involved. I am glad to be able to lean on my leaders and co workers when it comes to dealing with customers that I can’t always satisfy.

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