This week was a week of Magical Moment. A magical moment is adding some magic to what guests are celebrating through gift giving. Other than giving buttons for birthdays, first time visit or other celebrations, us cast members at Walt Disney World Resorts can inform our FSA that we’d like to provide a magical moment for a guest celebrating and what the occasion is. 

My first magical moment was a guest I had last week who was celebrating their honeymoon. I went ahead and told my FSA I wanted to do something for the guests honeymoon and she provided me with a certain amount of cash to purchase whatever I want to give them. She suggested a tote bag so I purchased a photo frame, a red Mickey Mouse tote bag and a keychain with the wife’s initial. My second magical moment was this week for a baby’s first birthday. I purchased a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, a Mickey Mouse plush, Walt Disney World photo frame and Mickey shaped sand toy set. 

I’m always excited to give that extra magic and I love that Disney allow us cast members to give back in this way. I would definitely implement this as a manager. Showing guests that you care will result in them being a loyal and returning guests as I mentioned in the read and react assignment about rewards program.