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Read and React: Equity, Due March 29

Register for and watch HOSPITALITY AND EQUITY: Let’s Blow Up the Boundaries for an Equitable Future, the link is here.

Many concepts are presented. Choose three concepts and connect them with what you have experienced during your time working as a CP.

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  1. Nicole Delaney

    In the video and conference from Cornell many points and concepts are brought up to further improve the hospitality and tourism industry. Three concepts that I took from this were how important Diversity and Inclusion are, fighting against food waste and treating employees with respect. All three concepts are very important, and I have learned more about all three concepts while working for the Walt Disney Company.

    The first concept I took from the lecture was how important Diversity and Inclusion are for a company to operate and in general. Everyone should feel included and feel that they have a voice within the company. It is important to have people of all generations, genders, ages, cultures, and race within a company, so everyone feels like they can be themselves. It is my experience at the Walt Disney Company that diversity and inclusion is very important to them as they want to create a safe space for everyone. We as cast members have 5 values we implement and inclusion in one of them.  Inclusion and Diversity are taken very seriously here as they want everyone to feel safe and to be their true selves. I appreciate this very much and admire the company for doing this as many other companies are not accepting who people are.

    The second concept I took from the lecture was combating food waste and what we are doing about it. Food waste is a very real issue as lots of the waste unfortunately can end up in the dump while it could be reused or turned into something more sustainable. At Walt Disney World we take food waste very seriously. We have specific bins for food waste only and all across the property the food waste from each location is then turned into special fuel for our vehicles. This is a great way to turn the waste into something that can help a different part of the company and to reduce the amount of food in the landfill.

    The third concept I took from the lecture is to treat your employees with respect. Your employees can help the guests to the best of their ability if they do you feel appreciated and seen. If your employees feel like you have their backs, they will be more open, honest, and loyal to you and trust you to make decisions that will better them and the company. Also, if you are not treating your employees well, you will have high employee turnover and it will badly affect the company. Disney truly looks after their employees by offering benefits and perks that other companies do not. They also regularly check in with you to make sure you are okay and taking care of yourself.

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