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Hebah Kharoufeh

English 1121


Assignment research essay first 2 pages

Marijuana Reconsidered

Ann Landers once said, “The naked truth is better than the best-dressed lie.” Marijuana is a drug made from the dried leaves and flowering parts of the hemp plant. It is one of the most strictly classified illegal drugs in the United States. David Smith mentions “In the late 1930s the Federal Narcotics Bureau spearheaded on all-out attack on marijuana…as a result marijuana was mislabeled a narcotic and very strict legal penalties were imposed on those who used or sold the drug” (Smith, 1). This research will discuss marijuana in terms of medical marijuana, Charlotte’s Web, and legalization.

Marijuana in its medical term. “The intoxicating constituents of hemp are found in the sticky resin exuded by the tops of the plants, particularly the females. Male plants produce some resin but are grown mainly for hemp fiber, not for marijuana” (Smith, 11). Back in the twentieth century cannabis was purposed to be useful as a medicine for many disorders and symptoms. Lester Grinspoon argues “The first evidence of the medicinal use of cannabis is an herbal published during the reign of the Chinese Emperor Chen Nung five thousand years ago” (Grinspoon, 3). The use of cannabis as a medicine has not been rigorously scientifically tested, often due to production restrictions and other federal regulations. Therefore, medical marijuana will be categorized into methods of administration and common medical uses.

Methods of delivering medical marijuana safely vary. These include smoked, vaporizers, edibles, and concentrates. Mallory Loflin discusses in a research “the most common means of administration is through inhalation. The process of burning plant material and inhaling its smoke, however, raises obvious worries about respiratory safety” (Lofflin, 2). Vaporizers on the other hand offer a less harmful mode of administration than smoking. Vaporizers heat the plant without igniting it, thereby releasing cannabinoids in a vapor free of combustion related by the products. “those who use vaporizers report that they experience less respiratory irritation when using vaporizer compared to a traditional burning technique” (Loflin, 2).  An obvious way to reduce potential risk associated with smoking cannabis would be to use an alternative method for delivering cannabinoid medicines; edible and concentrates. Hash cookies are bakery products made using medical cannabis. One is not usually able to tell the difference between regular baked goods and those containing drugs before consumption, but they tend to have a slight greenish tinge with marijuana, and they often emit a faint odor. A mild flavor can be detectable if sufficient quantities are used.

Marijuana is also categorizes as its importance to medical uses. Medical cannabis is proved to help relief the process of chemotherapy. In a study on a cancer patient whom started using medical marijuana before his chemotherapy Lester Grinspoon mentions “He used marijuana before every treatment, and we were all much more comfortable during the remaining year of his life” (Grinspoon, 27). Lester continues “A major advantage of cannabis as an aid in cancer chemotherapy is its relatively low cost” (Grinspoon, 41). Furthermore, marijuana is used in helping many patients whom are diagnosed with Glaucoma, AIDS, Chronic Pain, Migraine, Depression, and Epilepsy.