student survey

Hebah Kharoufeh

English 1121


Assignment student survey


My name is Hebah Kharoufeh. My name means “a gift from god” I am majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences. This is my first year, second semester in City Tech.

I am very diverse when it gets to food. I like Arabic, Mexican, and Italian dishes. I don’t have a favorite type of music but rather a favorite artist or it depends on the lyrics. I enjoy listening to Drake, Lil Wayne, J Cole, and John Legend.

I was born in the Bronx but raised in my mother country; Palestine. I studied my whole life there and came to the United States for summer vacations. Since I went to school in Palestine, English was my second language but I kept practicing it with my cousins who lived in the states.

I prefer reading than writing. I read novels and im currently reading Mornings in Jenin by Suzan Abul Hawa; a Palestinian author.

By the end of the semester my goal is to work on my writing skills and to be able to write a formal letter without any grammar errors.

My goal in life is to be able to successfully learn a third language, perhaps Hebrew.