outline textual analysis essay

Hebah Kharoufeh

English 1121


Assignment textual analysis essay draft 1


  1. Intro
  2. Opener: Mahmoud Darwish once said:” we suffer from an incurable disease called hope”.
  3. Thesis: In the poem “In Jeruslem” by Tamim Al-Barghouti the poet focuses on describing the Old City he was turned away from in three views which include: diversity in the city, the closed doors, and the never lost hope.
  4. Body
  5. Subtopic1: diversity
  6. Subtopic2: closed doors
  7. Subtopic3: hope


  • Conclusion

Barghouti ends his poem by a remarkable conversation between him and an old woman from the city of Al-Quds. She reminds him that all mankind is in Al-Quds but she sees nobody in Al-Quds but him.