poem summary for textual analysis

Hebah Kharoufeh

English 1121


Assignment poem summary



Sentence1: in the poem “In Jerusalem” by Tamim Barghouthi, the poet discusses the memories he had about Al-Quds, Jerusalem. While he was passing by.

Sentence2: diversity is noticed largely in the Old City. Walking through the streets you will notice people from different places around the globe such as Georgia, Manhattan, Poland, Africa, and Europe…etc.

Sentence3: he describes the Dome of the Rock as beauty’s identification.

Sentence4: he addresses the different people whom travelled around the world in order to accomplish serious work that history remembered them for.

Sentence 5: although Barghouthi really enjoys the scene he imagined. He wasn’t allowed into the city. He was turned back by settlers. The taxi changed direction. He was getting away from the most place he loves.