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DUE: Week 3 – 9/18

Data Visualizations Sketches: using sketch paper create 2 – 3 data visualization sketches that represent the ‘SimpleClassSurvey’ spreadsheet. Make sure you represent all students in the class and at least three of the variables (column labels). Also sketch a legend to go on the back side of postcard that explains all symbols and color used to represent data:

1. >> SimpleClassSurvey-DataExcelSheet download the spreadsheet and edit the data entries as needed to ‘clarify’ (simplify) the data

2. Get some sketch paper, draw a border to show the dimensions and edges of the postcard (horizontal or vertical).

3. Start sketching ideas. Use color and symbols to distinguish different data sets (i.e.: Location, COMD – Concentration and Program) and create meaning. Think about how to direct viewers eye through principles of design: hierarchy, sequence, contrast, foreground/background, scale, etc.

4. For inspiration look at: the data diaries:  >>Stefanie Posavec and Georgia Lupi’s Dear Data Project (see 2 videos below)

5. Have fun – be free!

We will look at sketches at beginning of class next week (3/19), critique, and then you will render final postcard in class. Bring colors to class. I will provide postcard.