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Information Graphic (Charts & Graphs)


Visually tell an educational story with researched and fact based information using charts and graphs. The design in the form of a poster must present a ‘problem’ and then explain or explore the ‘problem’ through quantitative information that has been researched and is displayed in a way that clarifies and compares.


To explore various methodologies for displaying information and to develop strategies for designing effectively and communicating to audiences. To imagine new forms of organizing information and to discover how information can be clarified to create more coherent communication.

Suggested Topics 

  1. NYC drinking water and lead in public schools
  2. (Child) Asthma rates in New York City
  3. Your choice of subject – must receive approval


We will work on the project over the next several weeks:

  • Topic Proposal: >>Activities/ Assignment 1: Topic Proposal (Due 3/19)
  • Phase 1: Research Gathering, organizing and assessing data and content. You can collect your data for any reliable source. I recommend: NYC Environment and Health Data Portal: >>Environmental and Health Data Portal
  • Phase 2: Sketches and concept development
    Figuring what information, you have and how to best represent (charts and graphs)
  • Phase 3: Design and production (Illustrator & InDesign)
  • Phase 4: Revisions and final edits


  • Tabloid Poster – 11×17 inches (Vertical layout)
  • Margin: 0.5”
  • Bleed: 0.25”
  • Set up a grid
  • Gutter: .025”


  • Phase 1: Research DUE Week 3-4
  • Phase 2: Sketches and concept development DUE Week 5-6
  • Phase 3: Design and production DUE Week 6-7
  • Phase 4: Revisions and final edits DUE Week 8