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  1. Well in general any type of salt can melt ice … sodium sulfate , sodium chloride ,copper chloride and zinc sulfate are just to name a few. Rock salt is the most common natural salt along with sea salt and any salt with high concentration , easy to find and cheaper to buy in high amounts is always more suitable to use for melting ice . Rock salts are chunky , cheaper and easier to buy hence they are more likely to be better for some whereas treated salt is more refined but it does not make it any less harmful on the environment as it is basically a more purified salt with less impurities and as for brine salt it’s main purpose is for industrial speed since its basicaly salt in liquid form it melts ice almost immediately but the availability and sometimes the cost and the rate at which it needs to be applied lowers its reliability for regular household hence … I would say rock salt is more preferable for an individual like you and me and for massive industrial purposes to get rid of ice fast in a large area since its easier to spread out the liquidified salt known as brine salt. πŸ™‚

  2. Rock salt is the mineral forming of Sodium chloride, a process that typically occurs naturally. Treated salt is salt that has been treated, it’s less corrosive which is why it is using as a deicing and ant icing agent and makes usage in snow removal easier. Salt brine usually consist of about 23 percent salt solution and comes from rock salt. This is also a method used for snow and ice removal.

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