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  • Assignment #2 Aural Topographies: Mash Up Prep
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    Lok (Wanda) I really loved all of your thumbnail images, they are very girly and bubbly but still show examples of Steccato and Legato styles. You incorporated many jagged edges in your Steccato images, and very soft and organic shapes for your legato styles. Your images create a sense of relaxation but also of bubbly fun. Nice work.



    Julio both your Staccato and Legato pieces are great and they portray an anxiety feeling as they both build up before they let out a surge of energy.They kind of look like Futuristic and time related.


    Yuliya Bas

    Thanks Ryan! Your thumbnails have a crazy amount of movement. My favorite one is the top middle one because of how of you horizontally reflected the design.


    Jenna Spevack

    Great work everyone! If you haven’t successfully (refer to my first post to see what I mean) critiqued at least 3 colleagues keep at it.

    If you have, please move on to the Lecture and Lab:

    Don’t forget to post today’s Lab work at the end of class:



    @Lisa: Really like your Staccato, the ones in the middle are very interesting! :D Gotta love your style.


    Gracias professor! ;D
    Lisa: First, Id like to tell ya; I like your legato patterns! To me, they’re exactly what the assignment called for. They’re flowing, repetitive to a certain extent, but not to a point where the pattern is no longer interesting to look at. Plus the ones on the entire top column look like water, its so purdy :D
    And I am more partial to legato pieces but your staccato ones look good too! they’re not all sharp and intimidating looking but they’re still a great example of legato. They’re jagged with very little room for flawy lines. They remind me of puzzle pieces :3



    Lisa your 5th legato piece reminded me of our last assignment. It appears ambiguous at first. I think the first five of your legato pieces are unique. The sixth one looks great however I think it would look better if you allowed the initial pattern to grow across the page.


    Michael, you might need to stretch out some of your legato patterns because some of the curves begin to look like edges when they’re smaller & closer to each other. I think you have an understanding, but your patters need some more work so they can have a bolder look. Try either making some lines bolder, or shading in some spots.

    Rodney, It’s clear to me which ones are staccato and which ones are legato because of the monotony in your legato patterns and the sharp movements in your staccato patterns. Your patterns were also successful because of the repetition in them. The only thing you might need to work on is filling in some parts so they look more finished.

    Wanda, your patterns were successful, except I wasn’t sure about the last one just because the dots kind of give me a staccato feel. Your staccato patters were cool and unique. I also like the repetition in the bottom two because they sort of look like they’re similar patterns, except one is legato & the other staccato.



    I had a bit of trouble trying to make the thumbnails… It just didnt have a natural feel when i was trying to recreate portions of the full staccato/legato drawings



    Vicky: I loved all of your Stecato images I got a good laugh out of them especially the first image it looks like an angry pumpkin, it is interesting to see how music helps you draw real life objects. Your creativity while drawing is incredible. Your Legato images were very soothing and remind me of a calm breeze. Your images are all very successful



    Lisa: great job, i dont know if its because i love waves but im in love with your legato patterns +_+’
    and the way the first row third column sketch looks like a heartbeat(thingy)


    Lisa- I think your thumbnails are very successful. I like all the design of your Legato patterns. I can see faces from the patterns and it’s very interesting. The middle one on the 2nd row of the Legato patterns is my favorite one. The way you use simple line to create a lady closing her eye is beautiful!


    Oscar Alberto

    Lisa, well done. i think you did a very good job showing legato and staccato lines. they show nice flow and rhythm, also there is alot of repetition on the legato which really made it interesting. you showed alot of variety but i would have also like to see more patterns on your staccato but over all i think you did a wonderful job =D.



    Lisa i really like your 3rd staccato thumbnail to me it resembles a heart monitor so it gives off the feeling that the song was very fast pulsing and alive. Your six legato piece feels as though the song repeats a similar chorus but gets louder and louder.



    Lisa – Your legato patterns are just great i loved them all. They all have a nice flow and pattern to it, I can see tell its rhythm by the waves. Great job. Not to also mention your stacco patterns were great too. Great job

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