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  • Assignment #2 Aural Topographies: Mash Up Prep
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    When I listened to “Summertime”, I felt somewhat relaxing in a private island. Nothing to worry about and just lying on the hammock watching the waves and sky. When I listened to “Another One Bites the Dust”, I felt an Upbeat. I felt like GANGNAM STYLE. It made me all bouncy and active. Basically its like a non-stop fast-paced pattern.

    LEFT: Legato RIGHT: Stecatto



    Julio: Wow those designs are awesome! I can see the amount of work you put into it. They really do look amazing and the thing I like is most of them I feel like I can tell are either Staccato or Legato. Only some are hard to tell like the design on the 2nd image you posted on the 2nd row to the far right. Looks awesome but you might need to add to it. Great Job though!


    Anna, your staccato and Legato look good, you have creativity, plus they get to the point of assignment.


    Here are my drawings.


    Sean Nurse

    Jeddy: Nice patterns. They seem well thought out. Even without you telling us I can figure out which ones are staccato and legato. I think I like your staccato ones more though.


    Anna, I think they’re all successful because of the difference in rhythm between the legato & staccato.. Your last legato pattern is my favorite because of the repition of movement.



    Julio- You have some very creative thumbnails, very unqiue with the line i see the patterns and swrils you did there, however i agree with vickey some i am having trouble as well as recongizing them all, i feel like you could do some more sctreched out making them legato and . i really liked the 2 nd picture to the right the second one it was my favorite one.
    Anna- when i saw your thumbnails i felt like i was in a party =] They were great i can easily tell what is what . Your staccato was very deatiled and your legato i see the lines, and your patterns clearly =]


    Oscar Alberto

    Anna Tam, i really like you thumbnails. I think you completed the task very well on staccato and legato thumbnail sketches, but one thumbnail that you could have been better i think was the first one. if you use less shading the lines would come out more but besides that i think you did a good job.



    Vicky, Michael: thanks guys, i dont have to remake them.. just make some changes now =3


    Ryan Samaroo

    Here are my Staccato & Legato patterns. Feedback is a +


    Jenna Spevack

    Sean, Daniel, Michael: Please elaborate on your responses. =)

    If your replies do not contain the following they will not count toward your grade:

    1. Clear identification of student whose work you are replying to and which pattern you are referring to.
    (ie: Mario: the pattern in the upper-left corner is a successful visualization of legato rhythm, because… )

    2. A clear statement about which patterns are successful AND WHY THEY ARE SUCCESSFUL

    3. A clear statement about which patterns are not successful AND WHY THEY ARE NOT SUCCESSFUL

    4. Clear and logical use of the vocabulary: Line, Rhythm, Repetition, Monotony, Variety, Pattern, Movement


    Sean Nurse

    Xuxa: These are some nice patterns I like that there is a very clear difference here between the two types of rhythms .



    These are my staccato and legato patterns, I preferred Queens music :). The beat was easier to create aural topographies.


    Vicky- I think you have a very creative idea of creating your patterns and i like your them. My favorite one of yours is the top left one from the staccato patterns. When im looking at that pattern, i feel like seeing a angry punkin/lion, and it gives me a feeling of strong rhythm.

    Anna- I think your patterns were successful. I like the legato patterns on the right corner. I like the way you put the line one on top of another and it feels like a soft and comfortable rhythm.


    Yuliya Bas

    To go with the format that our professor posted, I’ll add to my critique:

    Jessica- you have a nice use of repetition in the middle legato, 2nd row, and middle staccato, 4th row, but they would look more eye-catching if there was more of a rhythm rather than static lines. And to add to that, my favorite thumbnail is the wave-like legato because it has a very pleasant sense of movement.

    Wanda: To add to what I said before: the best of your thumbnails are the middle-left staccato on the first page because of the great balancing movement between the negative space and the jagged triangles. Your second legato on the first page seems to border on staccato because it’s more like a pattern than I’d imagine a legato pattern to be (for example: an ordinary grid), maybe you can make the lines more monotonous by having them intersect less or make them curve in similar rather than different directions.

    Andrew: The second row on the right staccato seems to end too abruptly, my eye would move better over that thumbnail if the lines continued to zig-zag off the page. Your most successful are the top-left staccato because of the different line-widths and how they create a stronger rhythm as my eye moves up and the bottom-right legato because it’s so interesting how it curves with an angle and is still eye-catching, especially with how the line starts slightly thick on the bottom right and continues thinner.

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