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COMD4900 D297 [49176], Internship in Advertising Graphic Design, Spring 2016

COMD4900 D297 [49176], Internship in Advertising Graphic Design, Spring 2016

Internship in Advertising Graphic Design Assignment to field work/study situations of approximately eight to ten plus hours per week at a graphic arts-related internship site approved by the department internship director. Sites may be in areas such as advertising, printing, corporate communications or publishing. Students keep a log/journal to be shared in group seminars/discussions. Supervision is by faculty and by the job supervisor. Students will be required to keep a learning journal of their internship in the form of a blog using Openlab.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography

This course will explore the foundational concepts of light and exposure in photography. Students will develop visual literacy as well as framing and compositional skills. Students will become acquainted with a wide range of contemporary photographers and gain an understanding of how photographic style transforms subject matter into meaning. Using professional lighting equipment and cameras, the student will gain hands-on experience capturing digital images in the studio as well as on location. Students will also learn professional methods and software to manage, process and print digital images.

Composition II-ENG 1121-5441:  Reading, Revision, Rhetoric

Composition II-ENG 1121-5441: Reading, Revision, Rhetoric

English 1121 continues the work we began in English 1101. We will work on developing critical reading and writing skills as we write about works of literature. We will discuss four literary genres: non-fiction essays, the short story, the novel, and drama. Assignments will require students to write in different styles such as summary, citation, exposition, analysis, and research. In addition, we will utilize a new digital platform called OpenLab, which will help us to engage with each other’s writing and world outside of the classroom.

English 1101 (5386)

English 1101 (5386)

Written language forms the foundation of human society: it allows us to communicate with our neighbors and with societies across the globe. It enables the sharing of scientific discoveries and it affords us an imaginative and creative outlet. It ranges from the lofty incantations of Shakespeare to the abbreviated language of text messages. This course will give you the opportunity to experience different kinds of academic writing, and to engage with those texts through your own written responses. Together, we will work to discover your strengths as a writer, and we’ll devise strategies to help you identify and address your weaknesses. You’ll be expected to perform a large amount of both reading and writing, with the goal of preparing you to continue your academic career at the college level. This course introduces you to academic inquiry, responsible scholarship, collegiate research techniques, formal academic writing, and the importance of drafting and revising. As you can see in the department’s list of competencies for this class, you are expected to submit writing that is effectively organized, rhetorically sophisticated, proofread, revised, grammatically correct, varied at the sentence level, and that uses a vocabulary and language (literal or figurative) that is appropriate to the imagined audience. You are also expected to read challenging texts, identify the main ideas and how they are supported, use resources like a dictionary when necessary, make inferences and summarize. Please refer to the competencies handout for a full explanation of these goals, since they are key to our class and to each of our assignments. This course is part of a Learning Community with ADV 1162, Raster and Vector Graphics. Several of our writing and reading assignments will correspond with the work you do in Professor Hitchings’s class, which meets immediately after ours on Mondays. As part of our work in this Learning Community, you’ll present a poster you’ve designed, along with an artist’s statement, at the student poster session near the end of the semester. You’ll also become familiar with the College’s Open Lab and ePortfolio web resources.

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