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Astronomical history is presented including an introduction to the mechanics and optics of Galileo and Newton. Radiation laws and astronomical tools including the telescope are considered. The solar system is presented in detail as is a history of human space travel. Stellar astrophysics is considered including star formation, planetary systems formation; and star properties, groupings and evolution. Galaxy properties and evolution are discussed. Following an introduction to relativity, aspects of quantum mechanics and cosmology are introduced. The search for and consequences of extraterrestrial life are considered. Laboratory experiments supplement and illustrate lecture material.

ANTH 1101: Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH 1101: Introduction to Anthropology

This course is a general introduction to the four fields of anthropology that looks at how anthropologists study cultural and physical aspects of humankind. We will explore a range of societies and methods anthropologists study. This course covers such topics as economic systems, population dynamics, kinship, political systems, religion, art, medicine, as well as globalization, power relations and ethics. This course covers cross-cultural ethnographic data including Africa, Meso-America, Australia, and Asia.

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