Our Stories, Continued, before November 7

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We invite you to tell a story about your continued studies at City Tech. Research has shown that first-semester students often worry about their transition in to college and how eventually students become comfortable and find a community of people with whom they are close and feel they belong.

Please describe in a short story how you have experienced your semester so far at City Tech. Aim to write 300-500 words and be sure to illustrate your post with examples from your own experiences in classes, seminars, lectures, study groups, and labs. What happened? How did you and others involved think and feel? How did it turn out?

We hope this process will help you think about your transition experience. This link will take to the place to create your post: Our Stories. Once you have finished writing your post, choose the category “Goodlad/Stewart” and then please take time to read and comment on at least two of your peer’s stories.

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