Week 2: Monday, 2/ 8 – Friday, 2/12

(Friday 2/12, College is Closed)
Tuesday, 2/9 (asynchronous: work due on our class site by 11:59 pm)


WRITING: Introduction to Discourse Communities 

  • Write a Post in which you do the following (approximately 200-250 words):  
    • Create a “double-entry journal” exploring two observations that Swales makes about discourse communities. To do this, find two quotes you find compelling. Write down each quotation and then explain what you found interesting (or even confusing).

Template for the double-entry journal (use the template below or set up your double-entry journal using two columns if you prefer).

Quote 1: 

Explain why you feel connected to this quote:

Quote 2: 

Explain why you feel connected to this quote:

  • Think about the basic definition Swales gives (page two/paragraph three), and make a list of three discourse communities you participate in. Use a couple of sentences to describe each discourse community you listed, and discuss the basic “values, assumptions, and ways of communicating” found in each one.
  • Before publishingyour post, make sure you do the following:
    • Title it “Introduction to Discourse Communities” 
    • Pick the category “Unit 1 Work”

Questions? Want to discuss further? Email me at RGarcia@citytech.cuny.edu  and we can make an appointment or go back and forth on email. Or you can come to office hours  (Tuesday, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm):

Thursday, 2/11 (synchronous session)

READING (do this before coming to class):

WRITING: Thinking about Genre and Discourse Communities