Homework #7

Seeing how an app that was made for phone crazy adolescents can make such an impact on food photography is amazing. Food Photography is both an art and market form. Food Photography as an art is done for creative expression, just like all other types of art. On the other hand, food photography for marketing is in hopes of promoting an item or the location the item is sold. When one sees food being promoted, it is unlike the food one see in person. It is made to have people be more impulsive into buying it or tasting it. This is why it is airbrushed or edited to make the colors pop. It is all about manipulating the viewer. Food photography as an art form is more raw and pure. The food in its natural form is what should attract people. This is why food photography for marketing has a bigger impact on people. It is advertised and printed in places that can’t possibly be missed. Meanwhile, food photography as an art has to be sought out. Personally, I prefer it as an art form. I prefer things in their simplest forms.

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