Homework#8 Capa is legit!!!!

after viewing the photograph and also reading the argument of Richard whelan  it is clear to me that this war photograph taken by Robert capa  during the Spanish civil war of a fallen solider is legit and not staged at all. After reading the argument of Richard Whelan there was many significant facts that were mention by him that seems to show step by step how this photo taken of the fallen solider is real. For a man like Capa to actually witness the war and be in the same battle field as the solider seems real enough to be proven that his photo without hesitation that they are real. The authenticity of this photo does matter very much because if capa’s photo that were taken weren’t real he wouldn’t be the man he is today who know as taking war photo because a war has fight in it action in it and most importantly death in it that’s why authenticity matters in Robert capa work.

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