When I thought about texture there was so many shapes, sizes and different looks of food items that I can think of but one of them that stand out to me the most was banana believe it or not. Banana is one of the most popular fruits that are known and the most eaten one I would say. When it comes to the texture of it there really not much to say about this perfect fruit since its just simple. Banana are yellow sometimes green or even brown but the shape of a banana stands out to me the most the way it is curves remind me of a boomerang for some reason. It is hard from the outside of the shell but when your are peeling the shell of the banana off it is soft and mushy with a lighter color of yellow. Bananas have a unique shape more then the texture on how it feels can be simple but the fruit it self has some unique feature but none the less bananas are my favorite fruit and they taste great.IMG_4792

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