Felecia Stuart: The Food Photographing Generation.

It’s no secret that photography has taken over this generation. With the ongoing development of technology, and the growing dependancies on smartphones, you almost always have a camera available when needed. That being said, cell phones are being used less for direct contact and more for communicating via social media. Things like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and especially Instagram are changing the way we express ourselves to the world. Instagram specifically targets photography. You take a photo and upload it within seconds and almost immediately after, you get a notification of someone liking it. Like the “Iphone 5” video showed, it gives you this false sense of fulfillment. I myself am guilty of posting photos on Instagram and waiting for the likes to add up. And though I have never posted pictures of food, I do follow several food blogs. I follow blogs that post recipes and blogs that give recommendations to different restaurants around NYC, you can kind of say its purely educational. I think the only time I personally take photos of my food, its food that I make and pictures of the steps to get to it. Maybe its because i’m not that great a photographer, or maybe its because I don’t really get the point, but I don’t see myself posting a picture of my dinner anytime soon. IMG_7445

One thought on “Felecia Stuart: The Food Photographing Generation.

  1. Good points, I can also see your point about how photos enhance food-related education. Your photos remind me how I’m always looking for images as well as recipes when I’m trying to bake/cook something new.

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