Walker Evans subway photographs

After seeing Evans pictures of the depression era and riding present subways I can see many similarities and differences. It obvious that from when the pictures were taken and present time technology has advance tremendously, we now see people on their phones watching movies on the go, and back then people carried newspapers to keep them entertained. The facial expressions of people dazing out or staring at others have not changed. What has changed is how train station and trains looked and picture quality. People during the depression era dressed vey differently from today’s people. It is definitely interesting to look back and see how things were before and to see how things are today. That’s why I think Walker Evans decided to wait 25 years to share his pictures because if he were to share them during the depression era when he took the pictures it would not have caused an amusement to most people since they saw this during their everyday life, it make sense for him to have waited the time he waited.

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