Civil war food and coffee

Today almost every american drinks coffee with most of their meals, especially in the morning it is like their energy boost for the day. I never really did not know what was so great about coffee that most people could not go a day without drinking. It tasted awful to me and and really did not get it. I tried it for the first and it was one of the most awful experience because it gave me a bad headache for the whole day. Nevertheless i decided to try the it again because i needed to stay awake for my morning classes and it really gave me a boost everyone morning and i never slept in my morning classes. So for soldiers in the civil war to include coffee in their daily diet is very fascinating and i can imagine the energy that it gave them because their diet was not that nutritious and hygienic. Most Americans today can go the whole day without eating anything but just drinking coffee, one of my professor told me that she can not go a day without drinking coffee she has become so addicted to this drink she could not survive without it.It is amazing to find that soldiers got their energy and boost from what most Americans are addicted to and cannot do without. One of the food that i can not live without is cake cakes. They are one of my favorite desserts and i cant go a day without eating one.

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  1. Nice delish looking pic. I think one of the reasosn why so many Americans drink coffee with their meals started with the Civil War. The soldiers brought the taste for coffee home with them and that tradition continued.

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