English Composition II

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Week 13

Unit 1 revision

After re-reading my unit one Portrait of a Word there are certain things that I felt like I did very well on. For example, making the reader picture themselves in scenes where I’m using the word. I could pull out and add certain things that can help improve the reader’s experience. For instance, not boredom with many words where is for, I can actually break down the meaning of a sentence in a shorter way.  Another thing that I could help improve with the reader experience is possibly talk more about where the word has originated from or even how it was it invented.  In other words, background about the word.

Week 12

In unit 3 I have decided to make a short film about different problems that not only females face but males as well as professional athlete. The purpose of making this piece is to give people an understand that being a professional athlete isn’t just all fun and games, as we have all imagine but there is so much that is being done behind the scenes. But whatever is in the way you should keep pushing forward. In fact, the audience who are being targeted are children/teenagers who want to be a profession athlete themselves. I feel like the genre of creating a short film is a best way to reach the audience because it also a great way to sum up the point or message you want to put out. But not only that people now and days prefer visual content rather than anything else.

Week 11 Day one & Day Two

For the unit 3 project the audience would be activists. The main point will be the same as unit 2 with a slightly change. In unit 2 I felt like main point was focusing on the equitability that women have to encounter in sports. In this case I feel like my unit 3 main point would target different problems that not only females face but males as well. The genre of my unit 3 project would be a video but still undeceive whether it would be a good approach.  The way I’m planning to do this video is have different images with captions on the side or even having a voice as the background.  So, the plan on what I would need for this new technology is to figure out how to create the video.



Day 1: Do research on how to create a video. In other words, the format and layouts.

Day 2:  Start laying out different video options that I will work with and work on the video.

Day 3: Start to collect more images and gather some information from my essay that would work with the video

Day 4: Review the video and add or take out some ideas

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