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Homework March 1, 2021

Week 5March 1


Unit 1 Outline dueBarack Obama, A Promised Land(excerpt)

Barack Obama Vanity FairInterview on new book

Discussion of quote integration and quote sandwich; assignment formatting; titles

·       Schedule writing conference with Professor and with tutor (Margo)·       What are President Obama’s main ideas, and what are the corresponding examples he uses to illustrate them? Choose 1 particular example to expand on in your response. What are some details that he includes to support his point?

  • What does President Obama articulate is the goal of his writing? Do you think he achieves this goal in the excerpt? Why/why not?

How do I get an A in this class??????

Unit 1 Project  March  15, 2021                                      20% 

Unit 2 Project Due April 15, 2021                                 20% 

Unit 3 Project Due May 17th                                            20% 

Final Portfolio and Reflection  Due May 24             10%

Participation Ongoing                                                           30%

Week # – Title and author/writer you are discussing


Tell me what the author wrote, a shortened version, as if I were a friend who forgot to do the reading before class or didn’t understand what they read and you are breaking it down clearly and simply for your friend.

Do not tell them all of your own opinions


Tell me your opinion or if anything like that has happened to you.  If you agree or disagree or think some particular aspect of it is interesting

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Student Survey

Please tell me about the technology and working space that you have available to complete your coursework.  Feel free to share any additional information in the last question box. All responses are private.

Student Survey

  • Credits: This survey is based on a survey created by Maura Smale and Mariana Regalado.

Research paper Final Draft

Introduction: Though out the years diabetes has affected multiple people.diabetes is a major cause of blindness,kidney failure ,heart attacks , strokes and lower limb amputation. In 2019 1.5 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes. Diabetes is  chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot produce insulin at all. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar. I picked this topic because so many people in my life have been affected by diabetes like both sides of my family and my best friend.I was diagnosed at the age of nine. what I hope to learn is different ways to stay healthy.

Jane E. Brody ‘Beating back the risk of diabetes’ https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/09/15/beating-back-the-risk-of-diabetes/?referrer=masthead

Summary: This article is about type 1 diabetics being over shadowed by type 2 diabetics because it is not as common. although its not common the amount of people especially children experience complications from it. The research conducted was to try to understand risk factors that increase children chances to become diabetic. during the research the goal was to identify cause and create preventions to support young children from suffering.

Analysis:  Jane E. Brody wrote this article to make people aware of the amount of children at risk of developing diabetes. she conducted a research to show its elevated risk. In her article she gives tips to avoid drastic measures like concentrating  your food choices and gradually reduce portion sizes.

Response: Jane E. Brody did a good job conducting her research. i would definitely recommend this article to someone whos is a diabetic. reading this article i have learned a lot of tips. about things i should stay away from and things that will benefit me.

Nicholas Bakalar “A Meal Schedule for Diabetes” https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/05/15/a-meal-schedule-for-diabetes/?referrer=masthead

Summary: This article speaks about a case study that was completed to support the theory that diabetics can eat large portions without causing harm to the body. experts recommend small meals as a better way to control metabolism. The differences were not dramatic. The research conducted presented addition benefits consuming larger portion have for diabetes such as lower liver fat content, fasting glucose levels and better insulin sensitivity.

Analysis:  Nicholas Bakalar wrote this article For people with type 2 diabetes to show that eating two large meals a day may be better than consuming the same number of calories in six small meals. In the research he conducted it showed that indeed consuming larger portions haves a better effect on diabetics. it has multiple benefits for type 2 diabetes that will help in the future.

Response: I personally think this article is help for many people, I myself did not know that eating larger meals could benefit diabetics. I would have that thought that eating six set meals a day would have been beneficial


Education Narrative

Education plays a big role in a person’s life. Everyone needs education because it teaches us very important life lessons. which can lead you to failure or success. it shows us the importance of hard work and at the same time helps you grow. Education has a big part in my life. in my project i will share some brief stories on how education has changed my life.

Me and my best friend have been friends since middle school. From grades 6th -8th my best friend always had good grades straight A student. she was always on time for school. but then when we got to high school things started to change after a while. my best friend went from having straight A’s to just okay grades.she was missing a lot of classes. falling behind on school work and homework. she also stopped coming to school on time she would get to school by 4th or 5th period. i started to realize the change behaviors of my best friend and it really worried me. One day i decided to sit down and have a talk with my best friend to see if everything was alright with her. most of all to ask about her changed behavior towards school. she told me things at home wasn’t so good. so after that talk i thought to myself it would be a great idea to tutor my best friend. i’m not the best person when it comes to some subjects lol but we got the job done. On the days she would come in late or not come at all i would get all the missing work for her because most of our classes was together it was easy to do this. Every day after school we meet up and i would show her how to do the work from the different classes. this made me feel good because i was helping my best friend better herself on an educational level.

i remember it like it was yesterday. it was hot summer day. i was very nervous. it was freshman year. i made sure i went out with a bang that semester or so that’s what i thought. that day i took every regents test i scheduled to take and thought i pasted but i didn’t. i got high scores on every subject but math. when i had the class i would do all my work and homework but i wouldn’t do it myself. instead of studying and learning the the class work myself i decided to cheat. it took me three tries to pass the math regents. when i finally passed i felt proud because i did it without cheating. i learned my lesson and from that day on i never cheated my way through anything.

Education is important to me because it helped shape me into the person i am today. without education i feel like I would be no where i wouldn’t know the things i know now. Also, education is important because the things you learn in school helps you throughout your life you may not think so for example,passing math, studying, and time management. these simple things is what changed my point of view on education.

Letter to the Editor

Dear James Bennet,

When Professor Edelson handed this project out I contemplated for two days and what I was going to research about my first topic was Covid-19 I chose it because I knew it was a lot of coverage on the topic and it would be less challenging, but my professor said something to me along the lines of you should care about what you researching, then it dawned on me that the Black Lives Matter was the way to go, I chose this topic because I am a black man and the issue BLM is trying to solve has been plaguing the Black community for many years and I personally wanted to gain more knowledge on the movement and hopefully educate someone as well.


When I started searching for article none of them really stuck out, or they documented only one event until I found “The Truth Of ‘Black Lives Matter’” in which I will admit I wasn’t to keen on the article in the beginning it’s was only as I read more in-depth that I began to understand the message. The writing in the article fit the tittle it showed the truth in a unique way by providing instances where high ranking politicians and media scrutinized the movement and also try to sway supporters to not support by saying  incorrect statements. The article also combatted these statements with facts and history, like when Gov. Mike Huckabee said if “Dr. Martin Luther King he wouldn’t be happy on the movement focus on  color and unarmed people who are disproportionately killed in encounters with police”. The article countered this by explaining how this statement goes against civil rights and began to provide knowledgeable history about things I never knew.

This article also did a great job by Tying in the overall message at the end explaining on their behalf on what message the movement is trying to teach and what are the movements goals, That point also ties into my second article which is “The Allies’ betrayal of Black Lives Matter” which was a great read that pointed out statistics of the drop in support of Black Lives Matter through the pandemic. This article is great because it provided a different insight on the movement and how people used the movement for personal gain and not true support. This was important to me because this opened my eyes to people around me who feel supported for the wrong reasons.

In confusion I wanted to write about this topic because as young black men I wanted to gain some knowledge so I can hopefully educate others why we need this movement to fix sometimes fatal issues, both of the articles serve justice and I would personally like to thank the editor for approving them. looking back on my research I wish someone had wrote and article explaining how BLM started, what have they achieved, and how their movement has educated the ignorant and also empowered people to do more for their communities to end this off these was a great project I would like to thank professor Edelson for allowing to take our own topic and make it something we’re passionate about.

Sincerely Reader,





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