Introduction: Though out the years diabetes has affected multiple people.diabetes is a major cause of blindness,kidney failure ,heart attacks , strokes and lower limb amputation. In 2019 1.5 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes. Diabetes is  chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot produce insulin at all. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar. I picked this topic because so many people in my life have been affected by diabetes like both sides of my family and my best friend.I was diagnosed at the age of nine. what I hope to learn is different ways to stay healthy.

Jane E. Brody ‘Beating back the risk of diabetes’

Summary: This article is about type 1 diabetics being over shadowed by type 2 diabetics because it is not as common. although its not common the amount of people especially children experience complications from it. The research conducted was to try to understand risk factors that increase children chances to become diabetic. during the research the goal was to identify cause and create preventions to support young children from suffering.

Analysis:  Jane E. Brody wrote this article to make people aware of the amount of children at risk of developing diabetes. she conducted a research to show its elevated risk. In her article she gives tips to avoid drastic measures like concentrating  your food choices and gradually reduce portion sizes.

Response: Jane E. Brody did a good job conducting her research. i would definitely recommend this article to someone whos is a diabetic. reading this article i have learned a lot of tips. about things i should stay away from and things that will benefit me.

Nicholas Bakalar “A Meal Schedule for Diabetes”

Summary: This article speaks about a case study that was completed to support the theory that diabetics can eat large portions without causing harm to the body. experts recommend small meals as a better way to control metabolism. The differences were not dramatic. The research conducted presented addition benefits consuming larger portion have for diabetes such as lower liver fat content, fasting glucose levels and better insulin sensitivity.

Analysis:  Nicholas Bakalar wrote this article For people with type 2 diabetes to show that eating two large meals a day may be better than consuming the same number of calories in six small meals. In the research he conducted it showed that indeed consuming larger portions haves a better effect on diabetics. it has multiple benefits for type 2 diabetes that will help in the future.

Response: I personally think this article is help for many people, I myself did not know that eating larger meals could benefit diabetics. I would have that thought that eating six set meals a day would have been beneficial