Attack On Talowitz

     In old day Porotaria year x897, Talowitz, the prince of Porotaria kingdom, a 16-year-old child with no ambition, his father the king of Porotaria dies, and since his death, Talowitz uncle, Petra the 3rd seeks to take over the throne of Porotaria through a coup d’état. The late king fearing the ambitions of his brother and therefore asked his most reliable warrior to escort Talowitz out of the Kingdom before it was too late for Talowitz. The warrior sent him to 3 Taoists whom were hermits that have served the late king well, before their retirements, in the western land of Yutaro. The Taoists are to serve Talowitz and also aid in his training to become something, befitting of a king who shall overthrow his uncle and take back his rightful place in the kingdom.

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